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Life School has high standards for academic achievement and citizenship and works year-round to provide all students with opportunities for success. Through its’ summer school program, the district offers elementary and secondary students a variety of educational opportunities designed to support our students’ individual academic needs.

Summer School Programs

Life Schools summer school programs includes courses developed for academic intervention, credit recovery, educational enrichment activities and high school level course acceleration. Some programs have specific qualification criteria and require an invitation to participate. For questions about which summer school opportunities may be appropriate for your student, please contact your student’s teacher or administrator depending on their grade level.

Bilingual/ESL Summer School

Bilingual/ESL programs are designed to meet the needs of students with limited English proficiency. In the pre-kindergarten summer school program, instruction will focus on language development, academic and social skills. The kindergarten program is designed to develop language and to accelerate academic skills in reading, writing and math. Both of these programs are free for Limited English Proficient students who will be entering a kindergarten or 1st grade bilingual/ESL class in the fall of 2019.

Elementary Summer School (Pre-K – 4th, 6th grade)

The elementary summer school program is designed specifically for those students who need additional time and exposure to grade level standards.  Enrollment is by invitation only and is limited to students who have been identified as eligible to participate by their school principal.

Summer Accelerated Instruction (5th & 8th grade SSI students)

The Summer Accelerated Instruction Program is a 2 week program that will provide intervention through an accelerated instruction plan created to best address students’ demonstrated mathematics and/or reading weaknesses. The goal of SSI is to ensure all students receive the instruction and support they need to be academically successful in mathematics and reading.

Secondary Summer School (7th-12th grade)

Life School Secondary Summer School provides in-district students entering grades 9-12 for the 2019-20 school year, the opportunity to take courses for credit recovery or academic advancement. Students in 7th grade are provided End of Course Reviews in English I, Biology, Algebra I, English II and US History.

TSI Bootcamp (12th grade)

TSI Bootcamp is a developmental educational program designed to help the student achieve college readiness. The Texas Success Initiative (TSI), is an assessment that helps determine if a student is ready for college-level coursework in the general areas of reading, writing, and math. TSI is also a requirement for all students interested in enrolling in dual-credit courses.

Extended School Year (ESY)

Students identified by their Individualized Education Program team are invited to participate in the summer Extended School Year program. The program curriculum is developed based on each student’s individual needs and identified critical skills.


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