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Life School February Coach Spotlight

Life School Athletics Names February 'Coaches Spotlight' Honorees

Life School Oak Cliff February Coach Spotlight

Coach Thomanique Hubbard is being recognized for this month's Life Oak Cliff Coach Spotlight. This is Coach Hubbard's 5th year with the Lions' coaching staff. She takes on the tasks of teaching English and coaching middle school volleyball and track and field. Coach Hubbard has shown the ability to effectively balance all of her jobs and duties. She is very reliable and is also a great asset to our campus. She positively affects students both in middle school and high school. Life School Oak Cliff is honored to have Coach Hubbard on our team. #collaborative #effectivecommunicator 

Life Middle School Waxahachie February Coach Spotlight

If you have been around Life Middle School Waxahachie for any time, you recognize Coach Collett. He has been a staple in the girls' athletic program for many years in basketball or cross country. He is coming off of one of his most successful years as the 7th-grade girls’ basketball coach with a 3rd place finish in the Metro League Basketball Tournament and a regular-season record of 7 wins and only 2 losses.  

Coach Collett is a natural problem solver. When he sees an area of need, he immediately looks for a way to fix the problem. #problemsolver


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