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Life School April Coach Spotlight

Life School Athletics Names April 'Coaches Spotlight' Honorees

Life School Oak Cliff April Coach Spotlight

LHSOC congratulates Coach Boyefio for being nominated as coach of the month. This is Coach B’s second year with Life Oak Cliff. He has established a great rapport with the student-athletes and athletic department. He creates trust and connects with a diverse group of people. He was instrumental in coordinating with the athletic department during the OC Athletics physical day for incoming 7th graders. In addition to his football duties, he coaches middle school basketball, and he also volunteered his time to support the track team.  Not only is he Coach of the Month, but Coach Boyefio is also the 2021-2022 Teacher of the year for Life Oak Cliff’s Elementary campus. 

Coach Boyefio serves as a great model for our student-athletes and our student body as a whole!

Life Middle School Waxahachie April Coach Spotlight

Coach Askew has many qualities that benefit Life School but he is a maven in baseball, building relationships and making math easy for the students.  He carries responsibilities at Life Middle School Waxahachie and also coaches a high school sport, right now he is in the middle of another stellar high school baseball season.  If you are looking for him in the summer, a baseball field is a great place to start. Coach Askew has a unique ability to make math fun and entertaining for the students but his empathy for the students and ability to build relationships is second to none.    

 "He is an effective communicator in the classroom, on the field and during his Friday character lessons."  Life School is better because of Coach Askew!


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