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Celebrating 25 YearsHigh-performing District4-Day School WeekBest in DFW – Peoples' Choice

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Learn About Life School of Dallas

Life School is a tuition-free, public charter school with campuses across the Dallas area.

The first day students enter Life School, we begin preparing them for success in college, career or military. We achieve a 100% graduation rate through strong academics, character training and strong parental support.



Science plays a critical role in preparing students for the future. Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge. Life School develops critical thinking through science. Students explore through hands-on exploration and by learning to ask strong questions, plan experiments, collect data, analyze information, collaborate, and solve problems.


Social Studies

Quality social studies instruction is a powerful way to teach informed citizenship. Quality social studies instruction is the best method to successfully educate students on what it means to be productive members of society. It provides a safe place for students to logically work through social issues from the past and consider the social issues of today.


Fine Arts

Research shows that time spent in art, music, or physical education enhances a student's success in school. Fine arts education is a vital part of the curriculum at Life School, which begins in elementary and continues through high school. Students are given opportunities to celebrate their culture and develop their natural talents.

Life School Mathematics


Math helps us think analytically and develop stronger reasoning abilities – thinking critically about the world around us. Analytical and reasoning skills are important because they help us solve problems and look for solutions.


Reading & Writing

We use a blended literacy and workshop model for reading and writing. Our structured literacy curriculum practices the Science of Reading, using authentic reading and writing experiences so that students learn to use literacy skills for all areas of learning. This allows teachers to differentiate instruction to meet individual student needs and centers the work around student choice.


Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs allow students to explore career pathways during high school and are organized into programs of study. Life School offers classes in many nationally-recognized programs of study including: Arts, Audio Visual Technology and Communications, Business, Marketing & Finance, Education & Training, Health Science, Information Technology and Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM).


Dual Credit

Dual Credit allows high school students in grades 9-12 to take college courses while still in high school. College courses are taken through a local community college. High School students can take up to 60 hours, earn an associates degree during high school, and save money toward the cost of a four-year college degree.



Bilingual education at Life School helps students become proficient in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English by developing skills in English and in SpanishStudents who enter the program in kindergarten or the first grade receive most of their instruction in Spanish to develop literacy skills in their primary language. Those skills are later transferred to English language instruction. Teachers in the bilingual program are also bilingual and have been trained to make content more understandable as students develop English proficiency.


Gifted and Talented

Life School offers special services for Gifted and Talented students in grades K-12. All elementary general education teachers receive 30 hours of professional development designed to help them better understand the nature and needs of gifted and talented students. Elementary school students are served in their classrooms through differentiated instruction. Additionally, third through sixth grade students benefit from weekly small group classes led by a GT specialist. Middle school GT students are served through GT Honors courses and benefit from extracurricular academic and GT opportunities. High school GT students are served through Honors and Advanced Placement courses. Students may also enroll in Dual Credit courses which allow them to earn college credit during each year of high school. Staff who provide GT services at the middle and high school levels are trained to meet social, emotional, and academic needs of GT students.

Life School Special Education

Special Education

The mission of Life School Special Education Program is to promote successful learning for all students who are eligible for Special Education services through effective instructional level interventions, access to the general grade level curriculum, and experience with appropriate life and career skills.



Life School is a proud member of the University Interscholastic League (UIL). Life School has won numerous district championships and each year advances teams to regional and state competitions. But, it isn't just about competition. We follow four core principles – leadership, integrity, sense of family, and excellence in everything we do. Students learn teamwork and group responsibility. They also learn to deal with success and overcome adversity.

Life School 1-to-1 Electronic Devices

1-to-1 Electronic Devices

Life School is a 1-to-1 district. Electronic devices are provided to each student to enhance the learning experience and equip families to meet learning expectations.

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

No. Life School is a public charter school. However, many families say that our “high standards of excellence” and “feeling part of the Life School family” contributes to an experience that feels like a private school.

Enrollment Guide

Enrollment Guide

Download this simple enrollment guide to understand the charter school enrollment process.

Answers About Texas Public Charter Schools

Texas charter schools are free public schools, and enrollment is open to all students. They are independently operated schools that run with more flexibility than traditional public schools in exchange for increased accountability.

The “charter” that establishes each school is a contract detailing the school’s mission and methods of assessment. Every public charter school has to be authorized by the state. Authorizers are responsible for holding charter schools accountable for compliance with their operating agreements or “charters.”

Like all public schools, charter schools are:

  • Tuition-free and part of the free public school system
  • Held to state and federal academic standards
  • Open to all students, including those with disabilities
  • Funded primarily through a combination of federal and state tax dollars
  • Not affiliated with or restricted to a particular religious group

Answers About Enrollment

Life School is a free Texas public charter school.

Answers About Academic and Campus Culture

No. Life School is a public charter school and is open to all students.

Answers About Communication

We’re happy to help if you still have questions. Sign up for information.

Answers About Transportation

Life School only offers transportation for families continuing from the Cedar Hill and Mountain Creek campuses who wish to continue into middle school in Waxahachie. A transportation form is circulated before the start of the school year for families to sign up to participate.

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