Reasons to Work at Life School

Life School is a premier charter school with a collaborative culture, competitive benefits, and opportunities for personal growth. We are always looking for motivated individuals to support our mission of developing leaders with life skills.

Pay & Benefits

We work to keep talented teachers and staff by providing competitive pay and benefits. We provide full benefits including health insurance, access to the Teacher Retirement System (TRS), local & state leave days, a holiday savings program and more.

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4-Day School Week

Students attend Monday-Thursday with most Fridays off. Teachers and staff receive many of those days off as well, with select Fridays set aside for professional development or teacher preparation.

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Teacher Support

The most effective teachers are those who receive ongoing support from their team, campus, and district leadership. Our collaborative approach allows teachers and staff to influence and receive support at all levels.

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Teacher Incentive

The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) was created by the Texas Legislature as to provide a realistic pathway for top teachers to earn six-figure salaries and to attract and retain highly effective teachers. Life School is proud to be a TIA-approved district.

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Substitute Teaching at Life School

Substitute teachers play a crucial role, and subbing offers many benefits – Flexibility (decide when and where you want to work); Diverse Experiences (various classrooms, grade levels, and schools); Impactful Connections (rewarding relationships with students and educators); and Exploration (experience teaching without a long-term commitment). No two days are the same!

Graduates Return to Life

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Teacher Incentive Allotment

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