Leave of Absence

There are occasions when employees must be absent from work due to personal, family, or medical reasons. Life School recognizes this and has established practices that enable employees to be away from work while maintaining their employment status. It is the intent of Life School to comply with the requirements of state and federal leave laws. Notices regarding these laws are available below. Employees should consult with the Benefits Department ( if they have questions regarding their eligibility for leave or to obtain more information.

Employee Leave Earned

Three (3) days of local leave is granted to working employees as follows at the beginning of the school year. Leave is prorated according to days worked. Unused Local Leave is forfeited at the end of the employee assignment year and not rolled forward. Facilities staff are granted Five (5) days of local leave at the beginning of the school year.

For example, the employee is out for 12 weeks on FMLA, leave will be prorated to the number of days worked up to the start of FMLA.  When the employee returns to work from FMLA, the leave earned for the remainder of the year will be given.

Five (5) days of State personal leave is granted to employees at the beginning of the school year and is usable for any reason. State leave will not be lost and is rolled year to year.

**Approval from the supervisor is required for leave. Leave may be prorated if the employee does not begin and/or end the year with Life School

Other types of Leave available: Jury Duty,  Assault Leave, Military Leave, Bereavement


Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is available to protect an employee’s job if they are unable to work. There are no additional days of leave provided. 

WHO: Life School employee for 12 months, worked 1,250 hours in last 12 months, previous FMLA leave in the last 12 months may impact eligibility

REASONS: Employee’s own serious health condition, birth of a child, care for newborn, or placement of a child with you for adoption or foster care, care for spouse, child or parent due to their serious health condition

PAY: Leave is unpaid unless employee has paid leave time (extended leave bank available – eligibility determined at time of application for leave)

*Contact for information regarding eligibility for FMLA

Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ Compensation leave runs concurrent with sick or personal leave. There are no additional days provided if an employee is away from their job under workers’ compensation benefits

WHO: Life School employee

REASONS: Sustained an injury while working

*See Workers Compensation section located on the left hand menu or contact for more information



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